Full Mount Taxidermy

A full mount fish replica is the reproduction of a full bodied fish. The full mount is designed to be displayed on the wall. Finished on one side with all the detail of an action posed fish, jumping, feeding, and swimming, can be captured in tremendous detail. The mouth, bill, fins and skin seem to come alive. It is eerie, at times, how lifelike our replicas look. Take a look through our website and take a look at some of the incredible full mounts we have done.

Three Dimensional (Finished on both sides) Mounts

We also offer three dimensional mounts designed for hanging from the ceiling or displaying on a pedestal.  These mounts take the same full body replicas and make them viewable from all sides and angles.  They are finished with all the fins, gills and detail on both sides.  As you can imagine, these three dimensional replicas require more work to complete. Give us a call to discuss how you would like to display your mount.  There are several different options available. 

Our replicas are made to order and we have a few on display in our workshop. Call or email us for our most current product listings. Since these replicas are custom made to order, please allow several weeks for your trophy to be created. Let us know your requirements and we can work with you.

We are a satisfaction guaranteed, no fooling around, full service taxidermy shop. Our craftsmanship is right up there with the best in the business. We create hundreds of full mount fish replicas every year for clients all over the world. We have thousands of molds of hundreds of fish in dozens of sizes in a dizzying array of poses. Keep your fish (or release him) and tell us what kind, size, shape, color and style you want. Send us a photo, or not. Leave the rest to us. We are very good at what we do.

Today, most taxidermy mounts of fish do not contain any parts of the fish at all. These are completely re-created from man-made materials. We use fiberglass and paint. This is ideal for catch-and-release anglers, who can release their game fish unharmed, and still have a life-sized trophy reproduced from good color photos and measurements. If all you have is a memory, give us a call and we can swap fish stories and get you a replica that is exactly what you are looking for. We are fishermen and divers and have seen our fair share. We know what they look like and can bring that realism to your wall.

We have created fish replicas that are displayed in museums, educational institutions, businesses, restaurants, homes and who knows what else. We have been doing this for awhile. You will not be disappointed.


Half Mount  (only one side reproduced) 

A half side or half mount is only reproducing one side of the fish, the side that you see.   The back or rear side is not seen and not reproduced.   Everything else is the same: the size, shape, the detail, the fins, paint and clear coat.  We detail the mouth of our half side replicas by adding urethane foam to the back of the head and gills and sculpting the mouth, adding teeth and more detail.  We include a wire hanger onto the back of the replica to make it easy to display.   You can literally take the fish out of the shipping box and hang it on the wall like a picture!

These replicas add a whole new dimension to the world of taxidermy.   They don’t replace full mount taxidermy.   They add to it.   Our half mount designs have been developed to provide a less costly solution to high quality taxidermy products that share the same incredible attention to detail that our full mount replicas have.   We use the same molds!   They are a good choice for the cost conscious consumer who wants a quality product for a reasonable price.