What is a half side replica?

A half side or half mount is only reproducing one side of the fish, the side that you see.   The back or rear side is not seen and not reproduced.   Everything else is the same: the size, shape, the detail, the fins, paint and clear coat.  We detail the mouth of our half side replicas by adding urethane foam to the back of the head and gills and sculpting the mouth, adding teeth and more detail.  We include a wire hanger onto the back of the replica to make it easy to display.   You can literally take the fish out of the shipping box and hang it on the wall like a picture!


These replicas add a whole new dimension to the world of taxidermy.   They don’t replace full mount taxidermy.   They add to it.   Our half mount designs have been developed to provide a less costly solution to high quality taxidermy products that share the same incredible attention to detail that our full mount replicas have.   We use the same molds!   They are a good choice for the cost conscious consumer who wants a quality product for a reasonable price.