Dolly Varden Trout 20 inch full mount fiberglass fish replica

$39.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Dolly Vardens (not Dolly Parton) call fresh waterways of the northwest United States home.

File this under useless but interesting....The name “Dolly Varden” comes from two different sources, one being a novel by Charles Dickens that has a character by that name. The second comes from a type of dress popular in the 1870’s. There was a fashion trend that used a sheer dress worn over a bright garment beneath. This fashion was called the Dolly Varden and was reportedly suggested by a woman who happened upon a group of anglers who were admiring a large calico trout they had landed. They wanted to give it a better name and the lady said “Dolly Varden” because it reminded her of her new dress. The name stuck. Get your replica here.....

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