Dolly Varden Trout 20 inch full mount fiberglass fish replica

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Dolly Vardens (not Dolly Parton) call fresh waterways of the northwest United States home.

File this under useless but interesting....The name “Dolly Varden” comes from two different sources, one being a novel by Charles Dickens that has a character by that name. The second comes from a type of dress popular in the 1870’s. There was a fashion trend that used a sheer dress worn over a bright garment beneath. This fashion was called the Dolly Varden and was reportedly suggested by a woman who happened upon a group of anglers who were admiring a large calico trout they had landed. They wanted to give it a better name and the lady said “Dolly Varden” because it reminded her of her new dress. The name stuck. Get your replica here.....

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