Opah 42 inch Full Mount Fiberglass Fish Mount - Very Unusual

$149.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • Opah or Moonfish fiberglass replica
  • Opah or Moonfish fiberglass replica
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Opah or moonfish (Lampris regius) is one of the most colorful deep ocean fish.

This Opah was painted using a reference collection of photos of freshly caught fish.  The moonfish's large, round profile may be the origin of its name.  A pelagic wandering species, it is often found in the company of tunas and billfish. Opah are not found in schools, and thus are not caught in any quantity. However, individual fish are regularly hooked by longline boats fishing over seamounts.

This is a big piece.  This one ships in the oversize 3 category with FedEx or UPS for only $149 anywhere in the continental US.  We have a few smaller ones that measure 25, 28, 31 and 37 inches. 

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