Sawfish 53 inch half mount fiberglass replica

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  • Sawfish fiberglass fish replica
  • Sawfish fiberglass fish replica
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Sawfishes are a family of marine animals related to sharks and rays. Their most striking appearance is a long, toothy snout.  The most eye-catching feature of the sawfish is their saw-like snout, called a rostrum. The rostrum is covered with motion- and electro-sensitive pores that allow sawfish to detect movement and even heartbeats of buried prey in the ocean floor. The rostrum acts like a metal detector as the sawfish hovers over the bottom, looking for hidden food. It is also used as a digging tool to unearth buried crustaceans. When a suitable prey swims by, the normally lethargic sawfish will spring from the bottom and slash at it furiously with its saw.

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